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Hotel-Hostel Tranzit an accomodation in the centre of Székelyudvarhely, we can receive in the motel 44 person at the same time.
In every room there is a bathroom.

• We can serve with conference room and protocol
• We have place to park with attendant, protected and supervised 24 hour in 24
• Cable Tv and fridge in all room
• Access to the World Wide Web (Internet)
• Food by needs
• Possibility to entertainment even at night
• Possibility to go to sightseeing, places of interest, the sights of the town, even with a guide if is necessary
• Flexible management
• Attentive service of guests, keeping eye in view your unusual wishes

Our rooms:
8 with two bed
2 with three bed
3 with four bed
1 with six bed

We can receive in the motel 44 person at the same time.

10 euro / person / day
Single room 15 euro

For persons under 5 year we offer a 50% discount
Groups: over 30 person and over 3 dazs : 9 euro / person

We try to do everything possible to perform your's wishes and we offer a profitable price, so you can turn back next time too in our town.

Our services

Special programs for groups in rural zone (in villages)

Excursions, tourings:

• horse riding
• rider-cart
• sledge
• bacon-simmering
• excursion (Firtos castle)
• touring
• quad tour
• gyalogtúrák
• quad túra



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Hotel – Hostel Tranzit
Tompa László street nr. 36.
535600, Székelyudvarhely
Hargita County, Romania

Mobil: 004 – 0744 – 361 869 – Pál Attila
Mobil: 004 – 0744 – 753 650
E-mail: htranzit@gmail.com
Web: www.hotel-tranzit.ro
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